Friday, January 13, 2012

Garage Door Transformation

Base colour is a deep chocolate brown. We painted the border with a high gloss stainless steel spray paint. Looks very modern

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Steel or Wood?

......Ok there steel. We had to match these doors to the existing trim around the windows. In the process we realized we can mimic almost any type of wood with this effect.

My House

I decided to do 4 accent walls in this vibrant turquoise. The rest of the walls are a mid toned brown. I like to have fun with colour. Oh ya, we repaint every year anyway.

Cedar Cabana Revival

This cedar cabana was built a few years back and was left to the elements. Untreated cedar turns gray and looks dull within a year. To bring it back to life, we applied a wood rejuvenator wash and worked it in with a stiff bristled brush. We then applied a Cabot oil stain. Cabot allows the wood to breathe as oppossed to most stains which seal the wood. Moisture gets trapped underneath wood and has to escape. If it is sealed, it simply pushes off any stain that is on it. This is the reason people have to restain their decks every few years.

Replacing Exterior Wood

Much of the wood surrounding these windows was completely rotten. Our on staff carpenter installed new wood prior to priming and painting..... A huge savings in comparison to replacing windows.

Bringing old Doors To Life

Monday, May 10, 2010

Vintage Door Restoration

Restoration of an old vintage door. We stripped the door completely, then applied a custom matched stain. We then applied 2 oil based clear coats. Ah....old is new.